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International Billlfish Zaragoza 2022

August 5, 6 & 7 :: 2022

It began in 1947 when our founder Don Ernesto Zaragoza Iberri was influenced at just 16 years of age by an American philanthropist who organized fishing tournaments in Mexico. His concern and passion for this sport was what led to the creation of a new tradition in our port and country. In its beginnings, the tournament became one of the best known in North America.

$200 USD per angler

$250 after June 15.

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Prizes OVER $350,000 MXN in cash

● Biggest Marlin: $35,000 MXN / ● Biggest Sailfish: $25,000 MXN / ● Biggest Dorado: $15,000 MXN

CATCH AND RELEASE - Marlin and Sailfish:
● 1st place $50,000 MXN / ● 2nd place $30,000 MXN / ● 3rd place $10,000 MXN

● 1st place $20,000 MXN / ● 2nd place $15,000 MXN / ● 3rd place $10,000 MXN

Rules 2022

2022 Zaragoza Tournament Rule Book.

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